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Vaned for Kar escort wrote:
To me, if a guy openly states, all I just want a good woman and yet is openly rejecting good women a chance with him cause they're overweight then stop complaining. see the review
Granulomatous for Sallou escort wrote:
Words and actions. see the review
Kirsch for Pratchayasuphon escort wrote:
So women end up in bad relationships cause she places more emphasis on attraction/spark rather than if he's honestly supportive. see the review
Soluble for Saisha escort wrote:
Very well said. There's too much emphasis on instant spark these days. see the review
Plumped for Tcethova escort wrote:
Your attitude toward dating and human beings in general is completely elitist and dehumanizing. Your advice to the millions of men and women who are being used and abused by this dysfunctional dating environment is, "well, this is what you can expect if you're not a billionaire athlete or supermodel." Very constructive advice. You paint a much darker picture of dating than I do. see the review
Pinsent for Mosalem escort wrote:
The point is, if someone thinks they can do better, it's in their best interest to try. If they can't, they end up with the best they can get. It's not so much an attitude, more of an observation. If a girl makes $150K and looks like a model, why would she go out with a fat guy on welfare? Why would she go out with a guy who even makes half that and is just moderately out of shape? There are so many other guys out there that she doesn't have to -- she can afford to take the chance to try and get the best partner, the one with every single quality she desires. Both those guys would probably like to be with someone like her but they can't. see the review
Sharona for Erica Lyn escort wrote:
Look around you and see how many people marry outside socioeconomic status or marry someone whose level of attractiveness is totally incongruent to their own. If you don't notice a pattern, you're fooling yourself. It's not an "attitude," it's reality. see the review
Efrem for Ferel escort wrote:
Many of them are in a holding pattern waiting for something that is completely unrealistic -- the mythical instant spark. see the review
Bohling for Hatab escort wrote:
Why do you care so much what other people want to do with their time? see the review
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