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Beautify for Preeyanan escort wrote:
I'm thinking she'll be faithful if she decides to be faithful. If not, no amount of ... pouting ... or whatever will mean anything. see the review
Galeodes for Alzahraa Romdhana escort wrote:
The only thing we really control is ourselves. If you don't trust her to control herself, then it might be a good idea to reconsider having a relationship with her. see the review
Salmony for Vere escort wrote:
Trying to force the issue will only bring frustration - for her and you. see the review
Bluefish for Nian Tsz escort wrote:
This is a pretty messed up s test. see the review
Helena for Pebbels escort wrote:
She is going on a trip to Italy with a female friend, no problem have fun. Then, o by the way we are going to have a romantic weekend at a villa with two of the female friends coworkers. Really, tell her to have fun and distance yourself from her. Just remember, her gf is not going with her H because he is a stick in the mud remember. And just because she is pregnant doesn't mean she won't cheat, no chance of getting pregnant you know. So if the three of them start to hook up, what is the chance your gf holds out. see the review
Negativ for Raushania escort wrote:
Plan your trip to Cancun. Do you have a female friend at work you can invite, if so do so. Let her know that you made reservations for two and that you are taking a female coworker. Then follow through. see the review
Snakeproof for Shafat escort wrote:
There is a serious lack of respect for the relationship the two of you have by her. She should have refused the weekend at the villa. If she is going to wine and dine the whole weekend with just these two men and her friend. She has no respect for you. It is no longer a matter of trust, it's shows no respect for you. see the review
Werewolf for Gatea escort wrote:
USA1ah - I agree there's a certain respect you should have not to spend a weekend with strange guys. Some disagree that I am controlling by putting foot down and she can do what she wants but it comes down to respect. see the review
Searcher for Alquidenia escort wrote:
It doesn't have to be putting ones foot down. see the review
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