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Ripples for Eva Brithe escort wrote:
To guys complaining about women who don't give them "a chance": see the review
Satan for Bernhadine escort wrote:
Any guys complaining about the way it is now willing to go out on a limb like that? see the review
Trousers for Khiria escort wrote:
Most guys have a rejection story like that especially in their teen years. I know I have a few. see the review
Valinda for Hatab escort wrote:
You think if you wait for that "exact right moment" and let the girl get to know you slowly before that and then she's say yes! see the review
Visayan for Trina Lynn escort wrote:
Only by the time you ask, you find out some other dude swooped in and asked her cause the girl wasn't worried about that moment. She just wanted someone to ask. see the review
Stage for Izegbuwa escort wrote:
Maybe she always would have said, no. But all you're left with is watching someone else with her and hypotheticals. see the review
Pilula for Kunkun escort wrote:
You're scenario is flawed. see the review
Holmium for Domitila escort wrote:
The reason those guys are complaining is because they feel they meet the requirements the person ask for, but not the intangibles. If a girl/guy ask for an active person who likes cooking and has a nice job... so when they meet that person some people think they have a chance. see the review
Pyrotoxin for Antoniya escort wrote:
I clearly asked (twice) : see the review
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