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Contained for Reihane escort wrote:
You are going on about this escalating singles rate and declining marriage and birth rate as if it is some terrible disease that must be wiped out. see the review
Memento for Valborg escort wrote:
Your conclusion here is flawed. These traits would be the final deciding factors all other things being equal, but they never are. It in no way negates the role of evolutionary factors in mate selection. see the review
Robbiew for Wheevil escort wrote:
People are much more accessible now, more than any other time in history. see the review
Golly for Jehanbano escort wrote:
We don't want to deal with the troublesome relationship so we escape into cyberspace. Dealing with real life issues is becoming a thing of the past. Now we have become so intertwined with the lack of digital communication in relationships as opposed to in person communication. Why didn't she text me? Why won't he add me on Facebook? etcetera and so forth. see the review
Flumes for Koudjai escort wrote:
Why would we want to deal with these problems when we can click and tap our way to a new relationship? see the review
Loitering for Nusaiba escort wrote:
And the cycle continues... smh. see the review
Octanes for Prapensri escort wrote:
At a certain point in the 20th century, the declining birth and marriage rate and the escalating singles rate stop being a product of gender equality and start becoming a symptom of our dysfunctional ideas regarding dating and relationships. Are you saying these converging trends are just coincidence? No way. see the review
Latitudes for Lithi escort wrote:
Considering it "dysfunctional" is subjective. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work. It works for successful people, it doesn't work for unsuccessful people. If you're successful, it's functional. see the review
Ithamar for Hsiao Ning escort wrote:
Finding the perfect person is hard to begin with. People get married to the wrong person and realize they weren't selective enough in marrying that person and then opt to divorce. Hence why the divorce rate has pretty much kept pace with the marriage rate long before the current dating conditions. see the review
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