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Jouking for Nakuob escort wrote:
Well, clearly you don't care whether you're attracted to a person or not. That makes the world of dating and finding a partner very easy for you. I think the majority of us need to have the attraction part in order to go to that level. It's not the same as having a variety of types of friends. see the review
Messina for Elmam escort wrote:
I dunno oberkeat if "the way women date today" bothers you this much, then put it in your profile. Perfectly serious here. Say you really want to give things a fair chance to develop and you feel you need more than one date to do so, and you are looking for a woman who feels likewise. see the review
Putamen for Perosha escort wrote:
You might get messaged by women who share your viewpoint on this. I do wonder if you will actually put your money w your mouth is and go out w women who contact you even if their looks aren't doing it for you. After all, if you really can't tell whether someone is right for you going by only one date then you surely can't tell whether someone is right for you going by looks, right? see the review
Umbrella for Valborg escort wrote:
Your attitude though is quite disconcerting. If my 16-year-old nephew were going on like this I'd tell him to stop whining, nevermind a 29-year-old male. see the review
Shapeliness for Elisabetha escort wrote:
I am a guy. I went on a first date last week. I wasn't feeling it. I knew by now that if I am not feeling something by one date in that it won't work. Still I made it a point to ask the woman about herself and be interested in the conversation all the way through the end of our time together. I mean who knows something may spark during the date. see the review
Fibster for Payel escort wrote:
Was I supposed to sulk instead through the first date to make sure I didn't lead her on? Or am I supposed to waste HER time as well as mine--and lead her on--by going on a second date with her? Seems to me that the kind thing to do is let her find a guy where the attraction is present and mutual. see the review
Intuition for Mahjar escort wrote:
I don't think you really thought your expectations through oberkeat. see the review
Steelman for Britte Maria escort wrote:
[QUOTE=Rejected Rosebud;6859784] see the review
Ratafia for Roopali escort wrote:
That is not down to a woman wanting to feel attracted to a man. It's down to being a poor chooser of men. I certainly feel a big spark for my man, and he's a wonderful human being. I don't feel attracted to losers. Women with good self esteem don't. We can have a great guy to whom we are also attracted. see the review
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