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Crowson for Mosalem escort wrote:
This guys best friend’s gf is asking the ex to do something. They weren’t really close before. see the review
Lowman for Nusaiba escort wrote:
Unless the gf is socially awkward/inept more than likely she had to have asked either her boyfriend/the best friend of your guy or the guy you’re seeing/ex boyfriend if this way okay to do. Someone said sure aka they have no problem with her still being around. If your guy or his friend thought she shouldn’t/didn’t want her to be around she wouldn’t have asked the ex gf. I hope all of that made sense haha. Bottom line they still feel like they want her around in some form or fashion; the ex still wants her around. see the review
Thacker for Donka escort wrote:
Again, this is just how I view it. see the review
Brainwash for Honey Lyn escort wrote:
and if she's getting invites from those within the group, that means they see something afoot that you don't between the two of them. see the review
Tabouret for Raita Marja escort wrote:
How does this have red flags all over it? It’s just casual fun/dating. The guy in question doesn’t want his ex girlfriend so what’s the big deal? see the review
Sri for Rebekkah escort wrote:
you are his rebound girl. see the review
Kinley for Filomene escort wrote:
Or worse, you are the girl that is used to spark jealousy in the heart of the ex soon to be girlfriend again. see the review
Klystron for Douzkin escort wrote:
So, I have been dating this guy for 3 weeks, in which we had 3 dates. On the 3rd date, he mentioned he likes me and wants me to be his girl. I didn't take him seriously and he mentioned it again. He is 35 so he is a bit older than me, which is not an issue, but I would think at his age he isn't trying to play games. see the review
Meralgia for Shoffia escort wrote:
He may just want to really be exclusive, and he’s not playing games. Ask him how many other women he’s dating right now, you’ll know then. see the review
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