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Vidovic for Nasimajamila escort wrote:
Can we bring back drive in theaters? see the review
Dipsomaniac for Sadovic escort wrote:
All of the 'organic' ways of meeting anyone have gone out the window, because people have their heads in their electronic devices 24/7[] see the review
Goretex for Felisberta escort wrote:
haha. And for heaven's sake, ivory soap and pressed dress shirts please! oh, and expect people to think you belong in jail if you're having sex "willy-nllly" see the review
Leighton for Hissmiralda escort wrote:
Will someone please address this? Why aren't women who are deemed undesirable supposed to be given many chances to warm the guys' hearts? see the review
Chev for Jetmira escort wrote:
That rarely, if ever, comes up here. Please explain! see the review
Altdorf for Nakuob escort wrote:
Cause fair or not, the mate selection process favors keeping women happy. If this party has more women at it, then men will show up. Less women, then less men. see the review
Fireboy for Zeenat escort wrote:
Also, the idea of less desirable women is much more exaggerated than media would like women to believe. There's no such thing as a "nice girl" syndrome. see the review
Roadsters for Eduviges escort wrote:
The sad sad truth is that we can see people at our fingertips even if they live a thousand miles away. It's all so impersonal now. see the review
Desantis for Vidjali escort wrote:
I said this elsewhere. We associate the internet with solution, not problems. see the review
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