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Bingy for Sehzada escort wrote:
I do see myself as a good guy. I couldn't see this coming a mile away I was blindsided by it. see the review
Torrance for Cabaluna escort wrote:
I believe you should tell your bf. Give him a chance at least. see the review
Civilian for Kodie escort wrote:
Absolutely agree. see the review
Limped for Shazade escort wrote:
Silver, this is going to pi$$ him off bigtime. I mean, he is going to come unglued when he pieces that together. Be prepared to have fury come at you... see the review
Shamgar for Beddy escort wrote:
You seem like you want to do the right thing, and I applaud you on that. But take it from someone who has been cheated on, you have no idea the amount of work you are going to have to do. Think of the worse, and multiply by 10. Being cheated on is not an overnight fix. It is months and sometimes years of work to overcome. see the review
Munlock for Natrujee escort wrote:
I hope you learned something from it... see the review
Shikken for Aching escort wrote:
I think once the full truth comes out you need to prepare yourself for being single. The longer you wait to tell him the worse off it will be for him. I don't want to sound mean but the fact that you did it over five months says everything about how little you really care for him feelings. You should break up regardless so he can go on with his life have find a woman ready to have a real relationship. see the review
Yelrahc for Mizzy escort wrote:
I really find it hard to believe that there are decent people out there anymore after reading things like this. see the review
Carena for Yaselem escort wrote:
Nothing in my post says it will be "undone". What I meant was, sometimes people can put it behind them and move forward. I know many couples that had suffered way worse infidelity, and after time apart, they reunited, worked through it and now are happily married with no other incidence. see the review
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