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Fortman for Chiko escort wrote:
Are you? Yes, or no? see the review
Kinin for Ostara escort wrote:
There are lots of active people with a nice job who can cook. I would still have to be attracted to them in order to enter into the type of relationship which would include sexual intimacy. see the review
Schoolgirls for Mahal escort wrote:
Do you feel differently? see the review
Elepaio for Abigal escort wrote:
"Flawed scenario"? There is no scenario. see the review
Pantoon for Sasha Grey escort wrote:
1) Are you willing to give women you don't find attractive AT ALL "chances"? see the review
Refan for Deekoo escort wrote:
(A) Yes. I would and I have. I got left standing alone waiting for a date I didn't want to go on in the first place. So yay me! see the review
Extirpe for Schamiram escort wrote:
That's the frustration some guys have. If they meet the basic criteria a woman openly articulates, then why wouldn't he think he has a chance? To a certain extent, you can become a better lover. Abusers are usually always abusers. see the review
Dampness for Khamleen escort wrote:
(B)So you've never had female friends who lament about not being able to find a good guy who is supportive and not abuse? Cause that's a very broad criteria that many men could meet. see the review
Skindive for Garai escort wrote:
Being supportive and non-abusive is the absolute baseline of what one would want in a partner. Basic good qualities. No woman is going to pick a guy solely on those. She is going to have to be ATTRACTED. see the review
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